Journeys Through Motherhood – Pt 2

Every woman experiences motherhood differently. Life experiences, past and present, can make a woman feel very different from another woman. This is why comparison is such an evil game to play on oneself because we all come at this from very different backgrounds, thought processes and ways of being in the world. For me, motherhoodRead more

Jenna’s Journey Through Motherhood

The Invisible Threat Did you know that postpartum depression is the most common complication of childbirth? According to the CDC, approximately 600,000 women experience postpartum depression (PPD) each year in the United States—and this figure only includes live births. Women who miscarry or whose babies are stillborn are also prone to postpartum depression. This figureRead more

Journeys Through Motherhood – Pt. 1

There are many ways to experience motherhood. Especially for first time moms, at least from my perspective, it is like this beautiful ripening. An awakening that happens within the body that changes a mother physically, emotionally and spiritually. All dimensions of a woman’s personhood are shifted dramatically. A woman who bears a child is neverRead more

Don’t Miss the Birds

I miss my old life The energy of travel Excitement of the road underneath Pavement, skies, water shifting rapidly past as cars, planes, boats go sailing by The life where I lost all control sense of self a moribund reminder of who i was yet to become Now, I’m here some say i’ve arrived AtRead more

Art as Protest

One of the things that has been on my heart to write about lately is how creativity and art forms can be used as a form of protest. Protest can take many shapes but really it depends on your goal. Who are you trying to engage? What’s your ultimate purpose for creating the art? Who’sRead more

The Art of Lament and Release

Today is my birthday. Not just any birthday. It is one year closer to 40, over the threshold of 35. I never put too much emphasis on the idea 40 is pushing anything other than my heart, mind and soul into (hopefully) another decade of living intentionally.  This year I decided to focus on theRead more

Embrace Being a Tall Poppy

The year 2017 brings a new era for my coaching business and creative writing endeavors. One of my goals is to encourage others to identify, learn and share their stories through sharing more about myself. I encourage you to comment, like and share whatever most appeals to you. One of my biggest challenges straight beforeRead more

New Skin

The other day I decided I had enough. Enough of not being sure who I was in my own skin. Enough of wondering when I was ever going to feel like a modicum of my former self, much less look anything like the woman I was just over a year ago. I decided I had enough. ItRead more


What is My Story?

Everyone is a writer, an author, in the biggest sense of the word. We create stories everyday with the life we live. Choices are made (or not) and things happen as a result of those choices. Some things get done TO us which we feel powerless to stop.  That’s when our story becomes interrupted. InRead more

Creative Prompt – Clean

For the month of May, I am taking on a writing challenge to use a prompt. The goal is to write about the small things in life, everyday moments. This began on Instagram so if you follow me there, there will be overlap. My other goal is to begin working on memories, thoughts and ideasRead more